A professional and experienced service in reportage style wedding photography. We also put our services to good use in commercial photography, specialising in reportage PR photos DK wide. 

They attend each wedding as a team of two, focussing on candid reportage photos which offer a modern and unique approach to wedding photography.

capture all the unrehearsed moments

Together, through the reportage wedding photography, they capture all the unrehearsed moments, from the bride and groom getting ready through to the fun of the evening wedding party. Working unobtrusively and efficiently, they allow plenty of time to celebrate with your wedding guests. 

The result is a creative reportage storybook of your wedding presented in a stylish, contemporary photography album. We are committed to providing unique, high quality wedding photos that capture the day as it unfolds. As a result, we consider it an honour to be handling your reportage wedding photography.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What happens when we make a booking? 
Upon receipt of your deposit, we will need the wedding schedule so that we can discuss the details. This is extremely helpful when we need to obtain permission to photograph inside churches and registry offices. 

2. Will you meet us before the wedding day? 
We like to meet every couple well in advance of the wedding photography to discuss their particular requirements. 

3. When is the best time for the wedding photographer to arrive? 
Usually we arrive more than an hour before the wedding ceremony to capture the wedding preparations with reportage photography. 

4. What about group photos and formal wedding photography? 
We will shoot a small number of group photos and formal photography in the normal course of events, but we feel that this is not in our general style for a reportage wedding photography shoot; this minimises the interruptions to the wedding photography proceedings. 

5. What are the advantages of having a second wedding photographer? 
This ensures that all the activities of your wedding are covered without compromising quality and allows a second angle, which often becomes the favourite photo, to be taken. 

6. What format of camera do you use?
For our reportage wedding photography we use professional high-resolution digital cameras. This means we can offer you a choice of colour or black and white photos of your wedding. 

7. How many photos do you take? 
We will take far in excess of the number of photos quoted in the wedding photography prices section. We then select the very best of the reportage wedding photography for your proof album. 

8. What time will you leave the wedding? 
Within reason, we like to leave after the first few dances and the cutting of the wedding cake. 

9. Will the wedding photographer require refreshments? 
Arrangements should be made for the wedding photographers to have a meal. This does not have to be with the wedding guests but can be in the kitchen if need be. 

10. Do you undertake reportage wedding photography nationwide? 
Yes, we work anywhere in the mainland DK.. and we can undertake overseas photography commissions. 

10. Do you undertake reportage wedding photography nationwide? 
Yes, we work anywhere in the mainland DK. and we can undertake overseas photography commissions. 

11. How many photos do couples usually choose for their final reportage wedding photography album? 
Between 50 and 120 photos, but sometimes more, depending on the size of the wedding. 

12. How do we get to see the photos? 
You will be sent a proof wedding photography album, bringing together all the photos from the day for you to keep. Your wedding photos will also be hosted on our web site, which is the quickest and easiest way of showing your reportage captured wedding to your family and friends. 

13. How do we get to design our wedding album? 
You will be invited to our photography studio for a design consultation – we can spend a morning or afternoon with you. We will go through your reportage wedding photos and help you select a wedding album before planning how it will be laid out with our virtual album software. 

14. How long will it take to receive our wedding album? 
Usually three to four weeks after we have designed it with you. 

15. How will we receive our wedding album?
We will either hand-deliver it if local, or courier it to you for no extra charge within the mainland D.K. 

16. How will friends and family be able to view and order wedding photography reprints?
Reprints are available through this website. 

17. Why do parent album wedding prints and reprints offer such good value? 
All the editing and creative work will have been done already so we can offer parent album wedding prints at a discounted price using the same high quality materials. 

18. Can we have a computer slide show of our wedding photos? 
Yes: a slideshow of all the wedding photos in your final order can be put together to run on a PC or Mac. There is a nominal charge of £40.00 for this service. 

19. Do you keep a record of each wedding?
Yes, we make two copies of our reportage wedding photography which are stored at separate locations. Reprints can then be ordered for years to come.