An event where photography plays such an important role is your wedding day. Long after the great memories fade, the images captured will continue to provide joy, laughter and happiness to all of those who have the opportunity to view them. 

 ‘ A smile, a tear, a joyful scene, a unique situation, 
we capture them all – never to be forgotten. ‘

Very best service possible

Wherever in the world your wedding may be, Whispers and Dreams blends a unique sense of local knowledge and professional wedding photography to deliver the very best possible service to you.

Always in focus

The glaze of a scorching desert, isolated freezing tundra, beautiful sun drenched beach or a windy mountain top. Wherever or whenever your wedding takes place, we will be with you every step of the way – your image always in focus.

One is never enough

Two exceptional and highly recommended wedding photographers from our team will accompany you on your wedding day. Images will be taken that one photographer alone cannot capture. There are many outstanding individual photographers out there who provide an exceptional service with a high level of photography work but run around and try as they may, they cannot be in two places at once. 

Not only will you have two great photographers with you throughout the day we will also provide a members of our support team to ensure everything goes smoothly. This person will ensure you continue to look great throughout the day and everyone is where they are supposed to be without distracting the photographers from their main responsibilities.

Photographic excellence

Freezing the little moments in time, those important formalities, the things others don’t see; this is an art form and our artists have painted upon this canvas so many times before. We ensure the very best standards of photographic excellence.

The Art

The learning, the art, the craft, the vital image cast on paper takes many a year to perfect, but perfection is what we deliver on your wedding day. We are a highly reputable company with a photography team dedicated to providing the very best possible standards giving you complete satisfaction for all your wedding photography needs.

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