Wedding day is an big day for everyone family, bride, groom and friends. In this world everyone expects for his/her wedding. Parents await for their children marriage.

Wedding ceremony is exciting in itself. This is actually a very special day and wedding speeches make this day more specific.

Giving a wedding speech is not simple for all the peoples, it is a nerve-wracking. But actually it is a great respect. There are other invitees who attend your wedding and wait for your wedding speech.

It’s not an simple task, so before giving a wedding speech you have to organize for that, there are various formats of wedding speech according to the person like groom, bride, bride father and some other formats.

The general flow of wedding speech follows.

When you start your wedding speech, first you have to discuss your guest. Concentrate on them and said thanks to them for attending your wedding especially those who traveled a long distance.

Tell the guest how proud you are of your daughter. Tell some unforgettable incidents which you are memorable, about her accomplishments and how she presents her husband to the family. Don’t forget to say good luck for her future.

Always include groom in your speech, it mentions that you are happy with this wedding. Tell some good characters of groom and why you select that person for your daughter.

In the ending pairs also have to say some few words. This looks good and indicates that how much you love to your parents.

When you are reading your speech may be you feel anxious and mess your speech. If you forget your lines just take a deep breathe and refer to your notes. Recollect the father of the bride speech doesn’t involve funny, you will not sense the need to wait for laugh. The invitee will not mind if you forget your lines because they are here to support you, not to heckle you.

By thinking of all these things you will feel proud in standing front of your newly married daughter on her marriage.