So what can a wedding filming service offer? To start with, you have the option of being filmed in your own home the morning of your big day. This can be a scary time for many brides, slipping on their stunning gown can signify that the day is finally here, meaning all the months of planning and preparation are finally being put into play.

Filming the bride on the morning of her wedding

Filming the bride on the morning of her wedding allows friends and family to see all sides of the celebrations. Footage can be put onto a DVD, BD disk or streamed online for friends, family, and of course, the bride and groom to watch, and can take viewers on a journey of the all-important ‘I do’s’ and the first dance.

There is even the option of having a montage of childhood photos at the beginning of the film to show the couple before they tie the knot, often making for a sentimental, and sometimes humorous, display of two peoples’ lives.

Just remember one of the most important things to consider if you wish to have your wedding filmed, is that you look into the options of hiring a professional who is a member of the IOV (Institute of Videography). He or she should have insurance and copyright licences. If you leave it up to a friend to film the wedding just make sure they are prepared to perhaps miss out on some of the wedding day activities.

Filming your wedding day

Filming your wedding day can capture the excitement of a day you will never forget, to hold close to your hearts and share with future generations to come.

Your video can start if you wish with a montage of photographs of you and your partner growing up or video clips if you have them.
Then off to the Bride or Groom’s house to capture them getting ready for the big day.

Of course the whole ceremony is recorded live. the wedding photos or a romantic walk in the park are next, the choice is yours.

On to the reception and the dreaded speeches, then it’s dance the night away.

The whole day ends up on tape but this is only the beginning. Everything is then loaded into a computer where it is edited, different wipes, fades music and effects are added. also if you wish flashbacks of the most memorable bits of the day are replayed to the music of your choice to produce a DVD you will want to watch over and over again.