You shold remember to honor and thank your attendants with a token of your appreciation on your wedding day. With the exception of the maid or matron of honor and the best man, all of the gifts should be identical. As these are your closest companions and they are actually members of your wedding party, the gift should be something long lasting to represent the marriage.

A silver or gold bracelet, a silver or ceramic picture frame, or an engraved pin are all popular favorites for the brides maids.

For the ushers, key rings, corkscrews, or cuff-links are all oppropriate and popular. Another item glimpsed recently at more than one wedding is the Swiss Army Knife – particularly those miniature versons which can be attached to your key ring or worn on a belt loop. A cool “new” idea, especially when personalized with an engraved handle. (Cigarette lighters were, until recent times, a favorite gift for ushers, and if appropriate for your attendants, it is still most acceptable.)

For the honor attendants, a similar gift, but of slightly higher value or meaning, would be appropriate.

Like everything else these days, however, more and more couples are choosing something different for the attendants’ gifts. Tickets for the whole group to attend a concert or sporting event are popular, as well as reservations for the entire wedding party at a favorite restaurant after the bride and groom return from their honymoon. Many couples have chosen to distribute framed photographs of themselves, usually a wedding photograph, to all of the attendants, male or female. And if you and/or your fiance(e) are handy and/or talented at a craft, a handmade souvenir is not only perfectly acceptable, but is considered a really special and personalized token of appreciation.

The only guideline here, besides of course good taste, is that the gift should be appropriate for all of the attendants and in some way representative of your feelings for your best friends.