Brides often get perplexed on what to wear below their wedding dress. The exterior wear can be seen by the people and it is so widely talked over that barely a bride can know what to wear beneath the wedding dress.


Brides frequently call for this question, and it is something that is often overlooked, but shouldn’t be. The correct underwear worn under the wedding dress is essential to assure the complete fit of the dress. More often than not, women don’t give enough consideration to the foundation clothes they ought to wear under their wedding dress, leaving it to the last minute and then purchasing something incompatible to the style of the dress. There are many elements to regard.

facilitate a bride

Below is given a few tips that can facilitate a bride with the search to the right foundation garments.

It is advisable to purchase the best lingerie that one can afford, as it will surely make a divergence to the overall look of the dress. Of course, the underwear you select should be suitable to the style of your dress. For instance, if your garment has a corseted bodice, you should have a entire torsolette underneath to give the proper support to the dress. One can choose a supportive bra and knickers instead, but designers sense that a full torsolette gives a much smoother and even line, particularly under a fitted bodice. 

If your dress is a softer flowing style, you may choose for a supportive bra and knickers. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that you don’t want any lines to show through. A strapless dress will need very supportive foundation garments, to hold up the dress as well as keep the correct look of the dress. In this case, a torsolette would also be appropriate.

Lacy bras are beautiful to look at, but can result in ridges showing on the outside of a dress, depending on the thickness of the fabric. Thus a smooth satin bra is credibly a better option.

Professional advice is also welcome

The best advice is to go to a leading lingerie store and be professionally fitted by a professor. Tell her what the style of your dress is, so she can give an  advise for you correctly. You can also speak to somebody who has got married before your marriage date and whose figure is identical to that of yours. She can give you some best advice.

Remember that foundation garments, such as torsolettes, are of paramount grandness to the perfect fit of your wedding dress.