There are a lot of elements to consider when planning a wedding reception such as seating, tables, and ribbons

Whether you’re planning an indoor or out-of-door wedding reception, there are certain factors to take into consideration while planning your reception, like: 

• How many clients can be adapted?
• How many tables are supplied? 
• What are the size and shape of the tables?
• Can the tables be moved or are they fixed?
• What types of chairs are acquirable?
• Are there limitations on decorations?
• Will tablecloths be supplied? 
When you know the replies to the above questions, it’s much easier to plan your seating arrangements and reception ornaments. 

Type of Tables

When planning your seating graph, the uses of long rectangular tables offer investing as a lot of people, but are not ideal for blending. They also don’t provide numerous alternatives as arrangement of the tables. Circular or square tables provide more choices for arrangement as well as allow guests to easily mingle with other guests. Arrange your seating chart so that the friends and family of the groom are mixed in with family and friends of the bride. This will keep your clients from forming little groups and ignoring other clients.

Arrangement Tables

Some very specific designs can be made using circular or square tables. Tables can be set up in groups, turned at dissimilar angles, or used individually. Visit your wedding reception location and have a look at the tables available and the size of the room. As arranging tables, keep in mind that you want clients to be easily seated. You do not want to make an obstacle course for your clients to maneuver through. 

Table ornamentations

After you’ve picked out how the tables will be arranged and who will sit wherever, you are able to then concentrate on the table ornaments. Some wedding reception placements will allow table linens and others will not. The tables can be decorated to match a wedding theme or wedding style using printed or colored tablecloths, napkin holders, wedding favors, flowers, and table centerpieces. 


There are a lot of different choices to decide from for wedding table centerpieces that can be from simple table decorations to very elaborate designs. Many centerpieces include the use of fresh flowers, while other people incorporate balloons, candy, or an item matching a theme. One very significant ingredient to consider when opting a centerpiece for your tables isn’t to admit the centerpiece to overwhelm the table. Clients across from one another had better be able to see each other and carry on a conversation without the interference of a centerpiece. 


The chairs can be decorated to match a wedding style or wedding theme. Some brides pick out to drape textile over the chairs and bind the textile with a bow or ribbon. Other people decide to use balloons, fresh flowers, silk flowers, or ribbons to decorate the chairs