There is something special when it comes to outdoor weddings that people don’t opt to consider. Other than the casual garden setup, you can choose to have it on the unparallel beauty of the rocky ocean shores. Regardless of the site, there is a lot of orchestration and legwork that goes into planning.

Setting up the camp

Tents can be pitched almost anywhere. You can stake one outside a mansion or in your favorite park. Whether you are looking at a casual or formal wedding setup tents will always come in different shapes, sizes and materials. You can even work with your local rental company to figure out what style fits your vision. It’s also important to consider a tent that match with your surface pavements and grass. Also remember to waterproof your tent especially those planning for summer weddings.

You shouldn’t rely solely on your tents, even the strongest tents hardly withstand heavy rains and fierce winds. To be on a safer side, you should consider having an indoor back-up plan at a nearby location. If your area is known for inconsistent weather then you should consider having a wedding insurance package that covers rain which can help you recover a portion of the fees if your event is postponed.

Renting extras

Given that tents are a black canvas, you will need to rent a few more things to complete the look.Luckily there are a couple of options you can go for right from textured curtains, funky chandeliers and tiebacks. You should consider what items are important on your list and then decide how to fit them at the top of your budget.

You should consider the return policy on each rental vendor. For instance, some companies prefer glassware and votives to be cleaned and boxed before being taken back. You should consider making an organized plan with your wedding coordinator. Their main role will be to decide on the roles of different people within the outside wedding venue set-up.

Keep bugs at bay

To control insects on your wedding day, you should ensure that the vicinity is sprayed by an exterminator two days beforehand.

Creating a relaxing space

Whether you have settled for a small backyard or a grassy lawn, you should pick an area that is more inviting with pillows and lounge furniture. If you don’t have room to bring in couches then consider having plush chairs or set up a dining area with either a 4-person or 8 –person reception to create a more intimate look.

You should consider decorating the drape fabric from the tent ceiling to soften the space and create a more sanctioned off “rooms.” Consider hanging pomanders from the frame cross section and add detail to welcome the guest and enhance your wedding unique design.

Don’t make the assumption that your guest will find their way around. If your home will play host as reception and cocktail hour, ensure that there is natural flow between the spaces. You should consider adding signs directing guests from the ceremony to the reception.

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