My strong interest in photography mostly came about after the birth of my son. There were only a few photos of myself from when I was a baby. Those that do exist are blurry and far away. The ones that truly mean the most to me are those of myself and my brother – but you can’t even see his face. My brother died at 24 and there are very few pictures of us together. In fact, I think these may be the only ones. 


I have been almost obsessively documenting my sons life through photographs and though there are only a handful of photos of myself at her age, she now has thousands. My memories of her unique mannerisms, his mischievous smiles and her beautiful clear blue eyes will never fade with time, because I’m continuously capturing these details as he grows and changes.

Photography is an investment

Photography is an investment into your legacy. How many clear and beautiful photographs do you have with your children? How many with your own parents? The value of these photographs may not be apparent at the moment, but many years from now, their pricelessness will be unquestionable. I approach wedding photography with the same goal – to capture the important, yet fleeting special moments – unposed and candid as they naturally occur.