Cookies are a wonderful treat that can actually add some flair to your wedding decoration and favor. Just think how lovely a personalized hand made cookie will look sitting on the plate of each guest at the wedding reception.

They can easily take these home as the perfect little treat to eat latter while having found memories of the wedding. So gourmet wedding cookies are great to decorate the wedding reception and make wonderful wedding favors at the same time.

Decorated Wedding Cookies

There are a wider variety of decorated wedding cakes that you can easily buy from most bakeries or on the internet. In fact there are tons of companies on the internet that will make and ship your wedding cookies rapidly and easily.

You can find decorated cookies in the shape of a wedding cake with the bride and groom on the top of the cookie. You can besides find a wide variety of decorated cookies that will match in with any theme.

So if you are having a winter wedding and the theme and colors are white and snow then why not look for cookie snowflakes attractively decorated with white frosting. If your wedding is going to happen in the fall then why not buy some leave shaped decorated gourmet cookies.

Monogrammed Wedding Cookies

Another fun choice that is very favorite and you can detect being sold in many stores and through many online retailers is a monogrammed cookie with your initials on it. Generally these comprise three letters where the letter on the left is the bride’s initial.

The letter in the center is the first letter of the couples new surname and the letter on the right side is the groom’s first initial. Of course this is just the conventional layout and you can get a distinct combination if you hope. Many pairs are going for an ampersand in the middle instead of the initial of the last name.

Wedding Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies for wedding became very favorite a few years back and have stayed one of the most common wedding favor and wedding decorative details even today. People are often drawn to fortune cookies for a variety of reasons.

They are just fresh enough but not overly sweet and the simple delicate taste goes down easily. Also the fortune inside holds a little secret and a great conversation piece for a quite after dinner table. So the natural charm of these cookies has carried over into the realm of wedding favors and you can now find a wide variety of various fortune cookies for weddings.

You can get some that are dipped in chocolate or wrapped in attractive gold or colored foil and you can even have them made with a custom inscription. Why not look for a preferred quote to leave a immortal memory in the minds of your guests.

Custom Wedding Cookies

Another really amusing and interesting idea for many pairs is to get custom made gourmet wedding cookies. Again you can well find retailers and decorators online that are ready to custom make and decorate cookies for you.

Let your imagination run wild with this and have a lot of fun coming up with unique tradition cookies. This can be anything that links into your wedding theme. For instance if you have a fiary tale wedding theme you might want to pay someone to custom decorate wedding cookies in the shape of a castle for you.

The Perfect Favor

Not only are these gourmet wedding cookies the perfect plus and decoration to the wedding reception they also make wonderful favors that your invitees can take home and enjoy at a later date. This is actually the best of both worlds. If you are searching to further extend their usefulness why not order a table center piece from the decorated cookies.

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