Most bakers expect you to place your order at least a couple of months beforehand. So don’t leave selecting the wedding cake till the last minute, or else you just might have to do without.

One of my preferred parts about the wedding, is the cake. Over time a lot of things have modified with weddings, but one thing that remains, there is forever a beautiful cake. The wedding cake is a big section of the wedding, and something ‘everyone” remembers. So when selecting on which cake is right for your important day, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

When is your wedding?

The date and placement of your wedding is important when selecting the cake. For instance if you design on having your wedding in the summer at a hot place, things like mousse, or even ice cream cake might be out of the question. Ask your baker what kinds of cake are in “season”

How big will the cake be?

Wedding cakes can come in all forms and sizes. Conventional cakes which have a lot of tiers are generally a good choice, and one your guests will remember. Depending on how many guests you have your choices are unlimited. Of course the biggest factor in selecting how large your wedding cake should be, is knowing how man guests you will have. The following website gives a great mention on how large your cake should be.

What’s your flavor?

Depending on the style of the cake, you have many various choices. If the cake is multiple tiers, many people are deciding to have several different kinds of cake. Each level can be different, providing something for everyone. With wedding almost anything goes when it comes to the cake.

What kind of Icing?

Traditionally icing has been white or a light cream color. Nonetheless today, many are matching their icing color with the overall idea of the wedding. The really icing can be a simple sugar and flour recipe, or even a rich cream cheese icing. There are many great icing ideas online which are certain to please even the most picky guests.


Decorating a cake is only restricted by your imagination. Some pairs plan the cake around the décor or theme of the wedding. While others give the cake a unique look, with crazy and offensive decorations which define who they are. Most Depend on what you need, bakers decorate cakes with the look of lace, embroidery appliqué or elegant drapes or swag.

Your wedding cake should be as individual as you. The worst thing you can do when selecting a cake is just “settling.” Shop around a bit, decided on the cake, style and decorations, and search a baker who is ready to accommodate you. Many pairs even order their cakes as much as 6 months ahead of time to assure they get what they want.

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