Now that you’ve accepted a marriage proposal, the real work begins. Planning your dream wedding takes a lot of organisation, especially if you are doing the work yourself. In order to help you get organised, here are some guidelines for planning the wedding you’ve always wanted.

Setting the Date

After enjoying the excitement of your engagement, you need to start making some preliminary plans. Discuss when you should get married with your intended, along with the type of venue and approximately how many people to invite. You can always change these details later, but picking a date is crucial for hiring the vendors and services that you want.

Booking Priorities

The first thing you should schedule when planning your wedding is venues and services that will be booked the quickest. Since most people try to plan their wedding for a Saturday and approximately 75% of couples request that day, these services may only have one Saturday per month available so you need to book them as soon as possible.

After deciding on a date for the wedding, call wedding reception venues in Denmark to find out their availability and then book your date if it is open. Ideally, you should book a reception venue about eight months in advance. For popular wedding photographers and/or videographers, you may need to book them nine to twelve months in advance to ensure they can shoot your wedding.

Wedding Entertainment

Another decision that you will need to make when you start planning your wedding is whether to have a DJ or a live band play. If you have friends that are musicians, then booking them may not be difficult, but for popular wedding singers, DJs or groups, you will want to book them several months in advance.

You should audition the entertainment, unless you’ve heard them before, in order to hire talented people that will help make your day memorable. Plan to book the entertainment at least six to eight months in advance.

Wedding Transportation

Another service that will book quickly is wedding limos. If you do decide to have your wedding on a Saturday, it could be difficult to get a limo on short notice so you will want to book them well in advance. Some companies will allow you to reserve vehicles up to a year early, so call them as soon as you have pinpointed the date in order to check availability.

When booking transportation, don’t just book the car for yourself and your partner, but also consider the wedding parties and the parents’ cars. Make sure to reserve them as well so everyone can arrive at the reception venue together. Also, this will allow them to enjoy the reception and have a few drinks without worrying about driving home.

When booking the venue, ask about transportation and entertainment services. Some venues offer these services in wedding packages, which will help save money and avoid logistical problems. Don’t procrastinate when booking wedding services because you may not be able to book venues, photographers, or entertainment if you do.

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