Welcome to the professional wedding photographer in Copenhagen, on Sjælland and all of Denmark. We photograph emotions. The wedding photos from us not only show what you look like on your wedding day. They tell you what it feels like to be at your wedding. A look from dad full of love, a laugh from sister coming straight from the heart. The pictures from us make you remember the feeling of your wedding day forever. This is the difference between a professional, trained photographer and an amateur photographer.

Wedding photographer in Copenhagen

I am a professional wedding photographer and I am an expert in capturing the cozy and romantic atmosphere of your wedding in pictures. I’m not just photographing a portrait of some people in wedding attire. I tell the story of you as a bridal couple, about your lovely party and your mutual happiness. With my photos, the memories of the wedding day last forever.

I am a professional wedding photographer

WHERE?: I am a wedding photographer in Sjælland, but of course I drive to weddings throughout Denmark. Should you be married or married, the pictures will make you remember the day forever.

Modern wedding photography

I am a professional, award-winning photojournalist. One of my specialties is to photograph cosiness and good atmosphere. That is why I am also very proud to have won the “Professional portrait and wedding photographer of the year 2018”. As your wedding photographer, I always focus on photographing the joy and happiness of the wedding. I am an expert in both photographing the predictable and all the unpredictable situations that always arise for a wedding.

Wedding Northern Jutland

As something special, there is a beautiful wedding video included in the Castle package. If you want a wedding video, we always come to two photographers.

both the bridal couple and the location

As a professional wedding photographer, I always make sure to get the best out of both the bridal couple and the location. I have tips and tricks to make everyone look good on pictures, even those who aren’t used to standing in front of a camera.

Modern wedding photography

You’ve spent a lot of time planning your dream wedding, and a wedding photographer like me specializes in capturing details like the bridal bouquet, wedding rings, table cards and much, much more. Details that you don’t always remember getting photographed.

My main mission as a wedding photographer, however, is to photograph the happy mood, and just that mood is always my main focus.

both the bridal couple and the location

What is Trash The Dress?

Have you seen the great Trash The Dress photos? Trash The Dress is a special photo shoot that we do after your real wedding day. So, a completely different one. It may be shortly after the wedding, or long after.

There are several styles within Trash The Dress wedding photography. Some set fire to the wedding dress, others spray paint. Yes, there’s pretty crazy wedding photography.

I like the best part of the Trash The Dress genre. Namely, to photograph bridal couples on the beach – at dawn or when the sun goes down. You put on your beautiful clothes again, preferably before the wedding dress has been cleaned.

My main mission as a wedding photographer

Then we meet early and experience the sunrise together. You (we) have to go out into the water where the dress gets a whole new and exciting life when it gets wet in the sea. What is so amazing when the sun rises and sets, is the beautiful shades the sun’s rays make in the sky and in the sea – and you stand in the midst of all the beautiful light.

If you get married in the winter months, we wait for it to be summer again. Then we will find a day (with sun) and photograph your beautiful Trash The Dress pictures that day.

  • That way I can always make wedding pictures in the sunshine.
make wedding pictures in the sunshine

No extra bill

The wedding photos are professionally processed and I always deliver the highest quality pictures. You receive the wedding pictures electronically and you now have full rights to use them. You can even get as many and as large prints as you want. And of course you also have to use your wedding photos on all the social media etc.

I recommend you print at Nordic Digital Lab and I can send you a discount code if you are interested. Do you want me to make a beautiful wedding folder, it can be purchased.

Many wedding photographers

What does a wedding photographer cost?

Many wedding photographers advertise with a cheap starting price, however, typically there are many opaque extra costs. This is not the case with me. My prices are fixed and transparent – no extra bills. Of course, I also have no extra bill on driving. All my prices are inc. driving on Sjælland, Copenhagen and Amager.

Having a fixed price on your photographer makes it easier for you to set a wedding budget. My wedding photography prices start at 6,000 kr

Wedding photographer in Copenhagen and Sjælland. Wedding photographer Denmark. Weddings in Copenhagen City Hall. And Norwegian Weddings in Kong Haakon’s Church, Seamen’s Church in Copenhagen.

What does a wedding photographer cost?

Should you get married or married, always fixed price

Should you get married or married, always fixed price (ok, I’m trying to make it rhyme, meeen I can hear, that’s a bit suspect)

I’ve put together some wedding photography packages for you to choose from. But of course I also make special orders. It’s your wedding, that’s why I fulfill your wishes. Contact me and we can together find out if one of the packages suits you or whether I need to customize one of the packages for your big day.

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