Fyn is fantastic and has a lot to offer if you are going to have a wedding. The capital and the largest city on Fyn, Odense, has both beautiful and romantic locations that will give you the most enchanting wedding photos.

Over the years, we have been invited as a wedding photographer to several weddings in Odense, which is why we have a close relationship with many of the known and hidden locations in Odense. We can thus be your entry ticket to be able to open new or attractive locations which can be difficult to book.

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If you hire us for the assignment

If you hire us for the assignment, we will spend a lot of time getting to know the bridal couple, understanding their wishes and taking note of the details that are of special importance to the wedding. In doing so, we are best prepared to capture the essence of the big day.

Here we will be part of the wedding ceremony and all the way to the wedding party. There will be time for the planned wedding photos, which will capture the mood, happiness and love of the bridal couple. Here, of course, there will be surprising and eventful moments throughout the day that we will be ready to perpetuate so you can look back on the day with a smile on your lips.

Whether you are from Odense or Fyn or you are just considering holding your wedding in H.C Andersen’s birthplace, Odense, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We are always ready to give you non-committal advice

We are always ready to give you non-committal advice, sparring and inspiration so that your dreams come true when it comes to wedding photos. It is not only a way of life for us but a passion in being able to capture the essence and love of every single wedding.

We will therefore make the extra effort it takes to make you fully satisfied with your beautiful wedding photos. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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