A bride needs to have a perfect hair on her wedding day. Having silky and shining tresses is a expression of a bride’s beauty on her day of days, and it is something that will indicate and be eternalized in her wedding photographs, to be looked at in the many, many years to come.

If you are a bride-to-be, you should know that having perfect hair for your wedding takes time and preparation. You will not have it in an instant as you gown for your wedding. If you want to have great hair for when you get married, you should purpose to have healthy hair. To get your hair in a truly healthy status will need at least six months of preparation. 

Six Months Before the Wedding: Hair Diet 

Having healthy hair begins with doing a amount of lifestyle modifies at least six months before the wedding. These lifestyle alters include eating a balanced diet, getting adequate sleep, and minimizing habits such as drinking alcohol and smoking. 

Diet plays a huge factor in keeping a healthy hair. As the sages have it, we are what we eat. Thus, to have healthy and beautiful hair in time for your wedding, you should begin eating a protein-rich diet. Hair is made up of keratin so protein can fortify it. Lean red meat, whole grains, soy and legumes are superior sources of protein. 

Besides, to forbid hair loss, you should include iron and Vitamin C in your diet. Iron keeps the pigmentation of the hair vivid and adds to the hair’s glow. Vitamin C, on the other hand, helps the body soak up iron more easily. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that will help deal with the free radicals in your hair. 

If you are suffering from dandruff or an itchy scalp, it may help a lot to include zinc in your diet. Foods rich in zinc are shellfish, lentils and almonds. 

Six Weeks Before the Wedding: Hair Hygiene and Styling 

Aside from your diet, you should also pay tending to your hair hygiene. Wash your hair daily with a high-quality shampoo and conditioner that is particularly made for your hair form. The same goes for your other hair care products: they should be of high quality and suited for the type of your hair. 

While you are attending of your hair, you should also begin consulting your hairstylist about how you will wear your hair on your wedding day. Brainstorm with him/her your ideas on what sort of hairdo you want to wear as you walk down the aisle. 

Two Weeks Before the Wedding 

By this time, you should have a healthy head of hair if you followed a hair diet regimen. You should have also determined on what hairstyle to wear on the day of your wedding. 

Two weeks before the wedding is the time to get the hair trimmed. It is also the time to get the hair colored; that is, if you color your hair. In this way, you will make certain that the discolored roots will not show and that the highlights and the lowlights of your hair will be updated. 

On the Night Before the Wedding 

Dirty hair is far easier to style than squeaky clean hair. So, you should wash your hair 24 hours before the wedding, and then leave it as it is. 

On Your Wedding Day 

Relax and do not mind your hair too much. You have done everything you can do to have gorgeous hair on your wedding day, so you should just have fun and love the first day of your married life. 

Just in case your hairstyle unravels on you, however, have one of your bridesmaids bring a tote filled with emergency hair styling products like spare pins, clips, brushes and hairsprays so you can redo your hair in a jiffy.

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