Q: Can I purchase prints, discs and wedding albums?

A: We provide a High Resolution Photo Disc as part of your package to do as you wish but should you require extra copies then these will be available online for you to purchase. Your disc will include at least 1,000 images taken by your photographers which you have full personal rights of use. Should you not choose our online options you can have prints made at a lab or retailer of your choice. We provide you with private web pages where you can proof all your images, order prints in a wide range of sizes, order albums, books and much more.

Q: How and when do I receive my wedding video DVD?

A: Your wedding DVD is given to you within (72) hours of your event or mailed to the address we have on file.

Q: How long will the wedding photographers stay

A: Both photographers will be with you on your wedding day from start to finish. We will discuss with you all your wedding day photographic requirements including all timings, bridal/groom preparations full day and evening event. If you want us there all day, we WILL be there all day.

Q: Can I purchase additional time with my wedding photographer?

A: Should you require photography on another day then we would love to oblige providing we are still on location. We tend to arrive on location at least three days prior to the wedding party arrival and stay for at least three days after the event. The cost for such is negotiable.

Note: We cover your full days wedding photography and our ‘special gift to you’ should mean you don’t require anadditional photography session but the choice is totally yours and we will be happy to provide you with what you want.

Q: How many pictures will my photographers take?

A: The quantity of pictures taken depends on many variables such as ceremony length, bridal party size, family size, etc. In general, each photographer will shoot between 50 and 100 images per hour. A typical 12-hour photography wedding day shoot will produce approximately 1,800 images of which we screen and provide you with at least 1,000.

Q: Can members of the wedding party take their own photographs?

A: It is in the best interest of the wedding couple that our work for which you are paying for is not compromised by the taking of pictures by guests and family members during formal sessions. We do have a policy that our photographer is the exclusive photographer for your event and prohibit others from taking pictures. Once we have concluded our formal photo sessions, family and friends may take as many pictures as they would like.

Can I choose my photographer?

A: You may request a specific photographer but we cannot guarantee their availability on your chosen wedding date. Every photographer at Whispers & Dreams is highly experienced in wedding photography.

Q: Should I provide a list for my photographer of pictures that I’d like?

A: We will discuss all your wedding photography requirements with you. We provide all formal ‘standard’ posedand journalistic photos of immediate family, bridal party and of course bride and groom. Should you request unique or unusual poses then we will Endeavour to capture these images providing there is no risk involved to our staff, yourselves or your wedding party.

Q: Both parents are divorced, how will the photographer pose the family pictures?

A: If there are any circumstances that we need to be aware of prior to forming family group pictures, please let us know during our pre-wedding discussions. This will ensure we are able to provide the correct images in as pleasant an environment as possible.

Q: There is a pose I’ve seen that I want, can I request it?

A: Absolutely. Provide us with a copy of the image and we will capture your amazing pose.

Q: How soon after my wedding day am I able to see my wedding pictures?

A: We will provide a slide show of your wedding pictures the day after your wedding. Images will be uploaded to your own private proofing website and photo gallery within 3-day.

Q: How do I access my online photo gallery?

A: This can be set up well in advance of your wedding day. You will be provided with a website link, username and password.

Q: How long will my private website photo gallery be available online?

A: Your photo gallery and proofing pages will be online for one year from the date of your wedding, we will however extend this free of charge should you request it. You can at any time re-order prints, albums and much more from your inline wedding photography site.

Q: Do you offer special deals and payment programs?

A: Yes, we do offer payment programs that allow for monthly payments and we may have specials available as members of our team may already be close to your wedding location and therefore not have the extra costs of travel.

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