Compile a Heartfelt Message Receiving a wedding invitation card is often a time for joyful preparations. After all, you want to keep the day with the happy couple. But there may come a time when you cannot come as a guest.

You may have prior differences, an emergency circumstances, or not be able to afford the travel prices. Regardless of the reason for not attendance, you should send a heartfelt message in a letter to the pair showing your words of congratulations to them.

As you compose your message, retain the following tips in mind

  • A poem or quotation on love and wedding can be a expert way to start or end a letter.
  • Lighthearted humor may be suitable, depending on your relationship.
  • Talk about your personal ideas on love and how it indicates to the couple.
  • Write down coming hopes for the couple and their happiness.
  • Make a sincere excuse for not attending the wedding.
  • Suggest getting together to view photographs and talk about the wedding after the honeymoon. 

Keep in mind when you are delivering the letter. If you send it ahead the wedding, you can refer how you are happy to help with any preparations before the blessed event. If you are mailing the letter the wedding later, you could pen a short notice about how everyone raved about the bride’s dress, wedding cake or other vista of the wedding.

Kind Words of Congratulations for a Wedding

Not everyone is a natural wordsmith. A thesaurus can help you seek the suitable words instead of repeating the same ones. Write out a rough draft or two before shifting the message into the card.

Helpful Websites

You can also use verses, quotations and poems from the following sites to get started:

  • Things Remembered Popular Messages: Choose one of the wedding contents for the couple to start a letter of congratulations.
  • Sandy Jane Designs Quotes: Scroll down to find a list of one-liners ideal for a wedding card.
  • The Flower Shop Card Message Ideas: These are short messages meant to be used for sending blooms, but can also work in a letter to the couple. 
  • Stampers’ Versalog: Twelve different verses are usable that are appropriate for weddings. 

Helpful Programs

Even if you are not able to write your own words of congratulations for a wedding in spite of using the websites listed above, you can still find help making a significant letter to the bride and the groom.

Use the Personalized Letters by Personal Creations website help you make personalized letters with an elegant design. Choose the “Wedding Day Missed Letter!” to pen your congratulatory words to the couple. Simply complete the blanks with the suitable information, preview and order.

Another program that assists compile letters is the WriteExpress. Helpful letter writing tips are included on the beginning page. Order one of the three software versions in order to get aid writing a congratulatory wedding letter. Use other features of the software to compose letters for a lot of other situations.

Send the Congratulatory Letter

If you know you can’t attend the wedding, you should send your letter as soon as you possibly can. In cases of an emergency situation, you will want to send your message of congratulations as close to the actual wedding date as possible.

When you will not be present the wedding, it is suitable to ship a gift in lieu of your presence although it is not involved. You can decide something from their wedding registry or enclose a pecuniary gift in the card with your words of congratulations for a wedding. If you encounter to live close to the pair or their parents, you may also select to drop off your gratulatory letter and gift.

A simple letter or note to the pair can be a good way to felicitate them on their wedding even if you cannot present the festivities. By cautiously designing what you wish to say and being sincere in your wording, the pair will sense your presence at their ceremony even when you are not there in person.