The wedding season is upon us and, for many, that means avoiding a host of wedding photographers trying to get those perfect shots for the album. I am dismayed at how many people say they hate having their photos taken because just a few simple steps can make the world of difference to how you feel in front of the camera.

It goes without saying, the happy couple want shots of everyone on their special day – not just the 50% who enjoy being photographed. Often people feel that the camera adds pounds or they feel disappointed with how they appear in photos.

designed to help people

The following tips are designed to help people overcome some of the anxiety they might feel at seeing themselves in the proof shots after the big day.

Looking your best can simply be down to how you hold yourself. It’s largely overlooked how important the correct stance or angle can be for capturing the perfect shot.

Whether you are a nervous bride (or groom!) or a guest at a wedding this summer, take a moment to learn these simple tips that will help you look your best in all the photos.

Step 1 – How to lose pounds in seconds. 

You’re standing in front of the camera and the photographer is asking you all to line up for a group shot. Whatever you do, don’t stand square on to the camera. Angle yourself about 45 degrees and you will immediately shed a dress size AND show your curves to better advantage. It’s logical really- face on to the camera and you are showing your widest side- simply reduce this by angling your body.

Step 2: Dip the hip. 

Why do models look so effortlessly relaxed in photos? Well, for one thing, they don’t tend to stand with both legs locked. You are already stood at 45 degrees, now simply relax the knee nearest to the photographer and this immediately drops the front hip a little. You immediately relax your whole body while further emphasising a more flattering silhouette. A stiff physique will always look unnatural in photos – as if you are queueing up for an identity parade rather than sharing in a wonderful moment. Following this simple step also makes standing around for long periods during champagne receptions a lot easier too!

Step 3: Lean in to it. 

Lean your upper torso ever so slightly forwards while keeping your chin up – this will push out your bust (or chest, fellas!) and help eliminate double chins. Keep you shoulders back though – you don’t want to look hunched. Be warned – don’t lean too far forward or you’ll look like you’re about to do a 100m sprint to the bar! 

Getting up close and personal. 

If it’s your face you are wanting to slim down on those close ups, apply the above tips in exactly the same way. Turning your face 45 degrees to the camera will again slim it down – but make sure your eyes are pointed right down the lens for real connection with the camera. Lean your body slightly forward again to reduce double chins (even a size 6 bride can have a double chin!). If you want to emphasize your eyes, dip your chin slightly and look up through your lashes. Claudia Schiffer eat your heart out!

Something for the guys. 

All the above work equally well with men as well as the ladies but men often struggle to know what to do with their hands. Women are blessed with handbags to hold, and look great with a hand on the hip (fingers pointing forward, ladies) but men will often just stand with their hands dangling loosely at their sides thus looking very much like rabbits in the headlights. Here are two options to help you eradicate this dilemma. Option

1: thumbs in trouser pockets. This looks relaxed and doesn’t ruin the line of your trousers which stuffing your whole hands deep in to you pockets will do. Option

2: The footballers pose. Loosely clasp your hands in front of you (think free kick line up) for a relaxed, and manly, stance for the photos. Stand with your legs hip distance apart to really look like male model!

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of a big, genuine smile

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of a big, genuine smile. You might not love your gums but, as a photographer, I’d rather see a load of really happy people at a wedding then tight lipped, set grins. Have a good laugh, enjoy the day, and the happiness will shine through on the photos! 

Don’t worry about trying to remember all these tips as, of course, they are all part of my personal service as a wedding photographer. It matters to me that people love the photos I take of them and I do my best to guide bride, groom and guests alike through the day.

So, if you’re a couple getting married, who don’t enjoy your picture being taken, contact me to discuss pre-wedding shoots and many other fun techniques to achieve stunning and less stressful wedding photos you’ll love to look at.